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My sisters and I grew up with Christian values, and every Sunday my mother would persuade us to go to church; in order to keep us on the right track for a successful and productive life. Unfortunately due to bereavement in my family- at an early age, I decided that church was not for me. I did ask this question, surely if there were a God out there; this would not have happened? Therefore I carried on with my life as normal as possible; without taking my faith seriously.

I married my husband a few years later and we had a beautiful daughter. Deep inside I always knew something else was missing in my life. Although I tried to find happiness through drinking and partying, it was always to fill the deep empty holes that occurred due to the bereavement.  However all this did was make me selfish, angry and a materialistic person that I grew to hate.

My husband announced to me one Sunday afternoon that he wanted to do the Alpha course at the church. I instantly said why! Obviously he had his own personal reasons for doing the course but, one thing for sure I wasn’t going to get involved. When my husband came back home from the first session he was filled with a combination of excitement and anticipation furthermore, he seemed a much more positive and calm individual. In- fact, personally deep inside I was a bit jealous of his new positivity he got throughout the following weeks on the course and I wanted some of it.

After a long talk with my husband and a re-evaluation of my life, I decided to put my name down for the following year. Rev Ben delivered the course, and I found his words very uplifting and relevant; with a balance of humour and imagery. After completing the course I felt a different person, the feeling was sensational; like a heavy negative weight had been lifted up from my shoulders and a lighter and more positive one was replaced. Clearly, I wanted to keep this feeling of euphoria so I immediately signed up for the next course; that followed straight after the Alpha course called: The Freedom in Christ. This course was delivered by Matt Hird( with help from a DVD) and it was the course that changed my life forever. It was the first time in my life that I didn’t feel inadequate, incompetent and not worthy of having a relationship with God. Equally, I didn’t feel I had to prove myself over and over again that I was good enough to succeed.

What surprise me the most; was that other people on the course(including participants on the DVD) were all going through similar thoughts, experiences and triumphs as myself, so I could relate to someone and find out how they dealt with the problem. Furthermore how God has influenced my life, and what journey did I take to get my faith back.

I can definitely say the Alpha course  and The Freedom in Christ; has taught me how to be a pro-active Christian, and to love myself again. Indeed, this new lease of life has been given to me to do God’s work by telling others about life as a Christian is undoubtedly a better, and a more positive state of well-being.  More importantly, helping others and leading them to a fruitful and rewarding lifestyle.